A Designer/Kitchen Specialist: What Do They Do?

You may be wondering what exactly a designer/kitchen specialist is and what they can bring to your kitchen or bathroom renovation project. Here is a brief overview of a profession in its own right.

The designer/kitchen specialist: the design, layout, and ergonomics specialist

First, you should know that not just anyone can be a designer/kitchen specialist, also known as a kitchen designer. The designer/kitchen specialist has training in the basics of design. This training goes much further than the simple harmonious arrangement of colours: it trains specialists in the arrangement of the space and ergonomics. What is ergonomics? This is the art of thinking about the different elements to obtain maximum efficiency, safety, and comfort.

The designer/kitchen specialist therefore designs and produces kitchen or bathroom layout plans in order to create a functional and aesthetic room. As you can see, although they are called a designer/kitchen specialist, this professional is also trained to design bathrooms. Their expertise also includes designing custom furniture.

Get your dream kitchen or bathroom

The designer/kitchen specialist has a keen sense of listening and observation. They know how to identify your needs, inform you of the pros and cons of various layouts, materials, or products, and advise you on what is best for you by taking your reality, your tastes, and your budget into account.

The designer/kitchen specialist has also mastered all the principles to respect and the details to consider. This is how your dream kitchen or bathroom project can take shape… and not turn into a nightmare once completed. Indeed, many believe that they can handle the design and assembly of their kitchen themselves, but in this case, the risk is quite high that they will forget a certain important element, which they might regret.

An experienced designer/kitchen specialist: an asset

At Modern Cabinet & Design, our team includes an experienced designer/kitchen specialist who has hundreds of kitchen renovations and just as many satisfied clients to his name. This will give you confidence that your kitchen or bathroom renovation will proceed as planned, and you will enjoy your new room to the fullest for many years to come.