Treat yourself to your dream décor!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dream kitchen or bathroom… This dream can easily become a reality thanks to our extensive expertise, our turnkey service, and our huge selection of unique and diverse products.

Renovate your kitchen or bathroom

5 steps

With Modern Cabinet & Design, moving from dream to reality becomes simple and pleasant. Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, or integrated furniture, we will support you every step of the way, from design to installation.


First step

Our passionate and experienced designer/kitchen specialist will come right to your home or work site FREE OF CHARGE to evaluate your needs, take measurements, and advise you so that your project can come to life.

She will discuss the style that you want to give to your kitchen with you, as well as the materials and the benefits of each one, the accessories, etc. She will give you ideas on the optimization and ergonomics of the space.


Second step

Thanks to our 3D plans, you can view your future kitchen or bathroom virtually from the comfort of your home or in person. During this step, we confirm the choice of colours, materials, and accessories, not to mention appliances.

Did you know that we are affiliated with JC Perreault, a Quebec-based furniture and appliance company? You can therefore make an appointment with an advisor from JC Perreault and benefit from the personalized services offered to any client of Modern Cabinet & Design.


Third step

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve chosen your plan! You are only 2 steps away from the start of the work! We present the final 3D plans to you with explanations, and we confirm the different elements: colours, dimensions, accessories, appliances, etc. We reach an agreement with you on the dates for taking measurements and for the installation, and we sign the contract.


Fourth step

We are at the stage of manufacturing your kitchen, bathroom, or custom furniture at our factory in Coaticook. We make every effort to make this step go as quickly as possible while respecting our high quality standards.


Fifth step

Finally, the installation! This will be done competently thanks to our team of qualified professionals. Break out the champagne; your project has become a reality!

Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom

5 Reasons to Choose Modern Cabinet & Design


Extensive experience and expertise

Modern Cabinet & Design has designed and manufactured kitchens and bathrooms since 1977. The field no longer holds any secrets for us! We are also constantly on the lookout for new trends in custom furniture, materials, and style and design.

You can also count on the advice of our passionate and experienced designer/kitchen specialist, who will help you make wise and informed choices and not forget any aspect, while taking your tastes, needs, and budget into account.


Huge range of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops

At Modern Cabinet & Design, we offer you a huge selection of materials, styles, and colours for your cabinets and furniture. We also have a wide selection of accessories (hinges, door handles, closing mechanisms, etc.).

Our service offerings also include sales, measurement taking, and installation of countertops. As with the cabinets, our selection of materials is extensive: wood, laminate, quartz, granite, Dekton, porcelain, and more.

Your kitchen, bathroom, or integrated furniture will therefore be to your taste, in harmony with your lifestyle, and fully tailored to your needs.

Visit our portfolio to get inspired!


High quality and local purchasing

At Modern Cabinet & Design, local purchasing is a life principle and quality is a guarantee:

  • We offer high-end products whose origin and the elements used for the design we know.
  • All our raw materials come from Canadian industry leaders. We buy the wood used in our production from the Canadian companies Tafisa, Uniboard Canada, and others. Our wood mouldings and drawers come from the Magog company J.O. Noël Houle & Fils.
  • Our high-end hardware comes from Germany.
  • Our paints meet the highest industry standards for VOC emissions.
  • We offer a warranty on our products.

Optimize your space thanks to our advice and custom furniture

Our designer/kitchen specialist will give you sound advice on optimizing your space. There is no need to expand the room to have more storage and circulation space! We’ve mastered all the tips and tricks.

In addition, since our products come directly from our factory, we only create tailor-made products that will perfectly blend into your spaces, whether they are small or large.

Did you know that we also design furniture for people with reduced mobility?

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Your dream will become a reality faster than you think!

By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you benefit from a fast and flexible delivery period—that is, 4 to 6 weeks after signing your contract. A dream at your fingertips…

Trust a family business that has manufactured kitchens, bathrooms, and integrated furniture and had many satisfied clients since 1977!