Do you build high-end homes or condos?
We’re there for you!

Are you a contractor who builds high-end homes and condos with a view to selling them? Trust us with your project for unique and distinctive homes!

Here are 6 reasons to work with Modern Cabinet & Design:


Reliable partner

We’re used to working with contractors; we will become real business partners who will make your job easier.

Once the shell of the house has sold, if you wish, we will meet directly with your client to discuss their needs and desires with them and to design their dream kitchen and/or bathroom in line with the budget.

Our designer/kitchen specialist can also come directly to your site at all the crucial stages, so you won’t have to move around.


Solid reputation

We have been a manufacturer of custom furniture and kitchen and bathroom cabinets since 1977. Our expertise is therefore beyond solid, and our reputation has been proven.


Custom furniture in highly competitive timeframes

We manufacture high-quality custom furniture right at our factory in Coaticook that will fit perfectly into your spaces. Your future buyer will therefore be able to enjoy an optimized, ergonomic kitchen or bathroom.


Speed of service

Another thing that sets us apart is our speed of execution. Since all our products are manufactured at our factory in Coaticook, our production times are only 4 to 6 weeks.

We also place great importance on meeting deadlines, regardless of the scope of the project.


Selection and quality

We make it a point of honour to offer high-quality products, in terms of both materials and production. We pay attention to the smallest details. In addition, we have a huge selection of materials, colours, and accessories to create the desired style.


On the lookout for new trends

We constantly renew ourselves and stay on the lookout for new trends in terms of style, design, and ergonomics. Your homes will therefore be stylish and unique, which will greatly help you stand out from the competition.

Trust an experienced kitchen and bathroom manufacturer that has had many satisfied clients since 1977!