The Latest Bathroom Trends

The bathroom has become more than a place to simply pass through. It’s a place to relax and take care of yourself. We want it to be functional, beautiful, Zen. Here are a few trends related to the bathroom, our second-favourite room!

1- Shades and textures inspired by nature

As with the kitchen, in the bathroom, we like to find shades and textures inspired by nature: stone, marble, textured ceramic, and even wood.

While wood has long been shunned in the bathroom due to the humidity that it contains, it is now carving out more and more space for itself there. It’s all a matter of outfitting the bathroom with a good ventilation system, and voilà! Add some warmth to your bathroom with a wood vanity, cabinets, and/or shelves.

2- Add some colour with an accent wall

Neutral tones are all well and good, but some people like colour! Here’s an idea: paint a single wall (called an accent wall) in a colour you like that goes well with the rest of the bathroom. Especially since repainting a single wall in a few years if you want a change is easy!

Colourful accessories are also a great way to brighten up your bathroom.

3- The freestanding bathtub

The freestanding or podium bathtub is always a strong trend, for several reasons. In addition to becoming a sought-after decorative element, it can be placed in different locations. A freestanding bathtub also allows for easy cleaning. Forget about joints that you’re never able to clean properly!

4- The Italian shower

The Italian shower—the base of which is none other than the bathroom floor—is a trend that is here to stay. Often surrounded by glass doors, the shower blends in perfectly with the bathroom and gives a chic look to the whole room.

5- Pamper your small bathroom

Is your bathroom small? That’s no reason to neglect it! Our team is full of ideas to optimize the space and make it an excellent room.

That said, as with the kitchen, the first principle in terms of decoration is the following: