A few kitchen renovation trends

Used each day, the kitchen plays a vital role. We prepare meals there, we eat there, we get together there to chat… it’s the heart of the house, so to speak. A functional, ergonomic kitchen with a style we like therefore makes all the difference in our daily lives.

Are you hesitating to renovate because you are thinking about selling your property soon? The kitchen is the room that has the biggest influence on the total value of the property. Not to mention the fact that a renovated kitchen makes the house attractive to future buyers.


Warmth and authenticity

Colours and textures that are reminiscent of nature are very trendy: ribbed wood, natural stone, marble, glass, etc. We like tones of brown, beige, and mushroom. Matte black, which brings out our decorative elements, is also very popular. As for white, it remains an essential classic.

After a slight dip in popularity, dark wood species are once again popular with fans of the noble and classic look. Dark wood is often combined with very light colours or contrasting accessories.


Make the light fixtures a distinctive element

Suspended light fixtures are a staple. Play with the lighting to give a chic, contemporary, or original look to your kitchen, according to your tastes. The choice is endless! And don’t hesitate to place several points of light to light up all the strategic locations.


Large islands: a practical addition

Large islands, with or without a sink or cooking surface, let you cook, eat, get together, work… do anything, really! The island becomes a style element that is perfectly suited to your reality.


Buy local

Buying local is more than just a trend; it’s a life principle. It helps us keep our economy moving, protect the environment, and have access to quality materials. All our kitchen and bathroom products are manufactured at our factory in Coaticook in the Eastern Townships.

That said, the first principle in terms of decoration is the following:

After all, it’s your kitchen.